Armando Cabral

The eponymous premium footwear and accessories brand gets a fully built out e-commerce experience paired with a fresh brand story and art direction for the brand's latest campaign.

A Narrative Told Through E-Commerce

Armando Cabral approached us to design and develop the brand's flagship e-commerce experience. While Armando Cabral is well known as a model and man-about-town, we wanted to use the launch of the new website as a way to introduce consumers to a definitive brand narrative.

With an existing digital presence on sites like Mr. Porter and Bloomingdale's, it was our job to design a custom shopping experience that spoke to the brand's position at the intersection of high design and functionality. From the moment users land on the site, they’re met with a combination of product, campaign and collection inspiration imagery. This immediately immerses site visitors in the newly defined brand narrative and lifestyle, using video and interactive “GIF box” areas to give users the opportunity to explore further..

The Perfect Fit

With a product line that spans everything from contemporary sneakers to classic brogues, it was important to keep in mind that the Armando consumers are diverse in their product interests. It was important to craft a user experience that guides users to the right types of products.


A Clear Path

To simplify this process, we divided the product line into three digestible categories: Contemporary, Classic, and Casual. We created sub-shops for the different product categories so that consumer's get a unique experience that caterers to their search.


Product Education

As with any flagship E-Commerce experience in the luxury space, the consumer needed the opportunity to learn more about how the products fit and feel in person. We built comprehensive product pages with expandable menus containing all relevant information – everything from the height of the heel to how best to maintain the shoes.


Shoe Care

In the footwear industry, this price point means these shoes are built to last. However, most consumers have no clue how to maintain their shoes. We worked with the founder to create easy-to-implement steps to better maintain your shoes. We paired each step with imagery we produced and art directed that fit within the new brand's guidelines. The result is a shoe care guide that appeals to AC consumers and general shoe aficionados alike.

Ask the Founder

When you meet Armando you're immediately struck by how effortless his style feels. However, most men aren't Armando. We wanted to build out an area of the site dedicated to educating consumers on how best to wear their shoes. Users can read Armando's responses to past style inquiries and easily submit their own via a custom field. The result is a steady stream of communication between the founder and the consumers in an organic and helpful way.

Brand Story & Voice

Armando Cabral is well known as a model and man-about-town, but we wanted to use the launch of the new website as a way to introduce consumers to Armando Cabral, the brand. We created a brand story that pairs globality and travel with key existing brand pillars.

Art Direction

Maintaining cohesion across all content touch points was paramount to reintroducing the brand. From the e-commerce photography to the Spring/Summer 2016 campaign, we art directed all aspects of the brand's digital revamp.