#Breadcrumbs: July 20th, 2018


In honor of today’s New York themed Birdwatch, this week’s Breadcrumbs will be all about art, community, and music in NYC.

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    1. Cultured New York: Where you can use your library card for more than just checking out books.
    2. Hip & Sultry New York: Where a summertime Night Market calls for your dopest outfit.

    3. Clever New York: Where the streets are paved with mosaic vermin.

    4. Melting Pot New York: Where the Tenement Museum puts America’s view on immigration to the test.

    5. Commuter New York: Where we have ~just a few~ suggestions for the MTA.

    6. Critical New York: Where your narcissism is for sale.

    7. Colorful New York: Where the sidewalk is your canvas.

    8. Meme New York: Where Clint Mario is literally everywhere.

    9. Boss Ladies of New York: Where your next leader might be one of these powerhouse women.

    10. Designers of New York: Where you can design, prototype, and display your work all in one communal creative space.



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