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Proudly: A World Made For Us

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We’re PROUD to celebrate the launch of PROUDLY – a new child and babycare company, founded by Gabriel Union and Dwyane Wade, that’s focused specifically on the needs of melanated skin. 

Our goal was to establish a solid brand strategy and launch campaign that would combine education around melanated skincare needs with providing much-needed representation for families of color.

Our brand strategy and campaign, from the messaging framework and lifestyle photography, to design and product imagery, worked to communicate the joys and challenges of parenthood through a lense of pride and reassurance.

“We wanted to create a brand world that was a celebration of joy, comfort, and community,” says Samantha Edwards, CCO of The Charles Group. “More than just a celebrity brand – PROUDLY’s plant-derived and dermatologist-approved formulas are key differentiators in the baby-care category, especially for Parents of Color. Our strategy ensures that PROUDLY champions authenticity and credibility within the consumer packaged goods industry, while being relatable and educational to our audience.”

According to the US Census Bureau – 50.2% of babies born were born to at least one parent of color… similarly the Baby Care category has experienced and continues to experience exponential growth — projected to be worth approximately $88.72b worldwide in 2026).  

“The stats don’t lie. As black parents with mixed-race children, we fully understand the need for a melanated skin focused company. Our personal experiences and understanding of the gaps in the market really shaped a lot of the strategic and creative vision we had. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve created alongside PROUDLY and AFRAME  and I’m looking forward to all that’s coming next.” says Aaron Edwards, CEO of The Charles Group.