#Breadcrumbs: February 8, 2019


From 21 Savage’s arrest and Diane Keaton’s new influencer status to the creator of the Instagram egg, check out all the links we loved this week. Plus, the last installation of our studio coordinator’s Asian travels is live! Peep Tokyo Flow. 🗾

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  • Gucci’s SS19 campaign has us all like 💃🕺👯🎭✨📽
  • Adidas released a *cringe* entirely white *cringe* cotton sneaker for *cringe* Black History Month #Adidasnoooo 🤦
  • Insta’s newest influencer? Diane Keaton 🤳
  • Meet India’s fashion billionaires and see the unique ways they’re making and spending all that 💰💰
  • Is NYFW dying? 💀


  • We’re all still in shock that 21 Savage is actually a British citizen 🇬🇧🇺🇸
  • Guinness commercial for…water?
  • The advertising mind behind the  egg heard (and seen) around the world🥚
  • Nobody will host the Oscars this year #neverheardofher
  • Want to achieve Frida Kahlo’s iconic brow? You probably can’t. But you can check out what she kept in her makeup bag 💄
  • Burger King put McDonalds on blast with their latest ad campaign #shotsfired


  • Definitely the coolest cure for cancer we’ve heard of ☄💊
  • Climate change is going to change the color of the oceans within our lifetime 😨🌊
  • Facebook is keeping your zombie friendships alive
  • This crypto exchange is in deep 💩 after their CEO died with the passwords to $145 million 💸
  • Amazon’s facial recognition technology gets political
  • Twitter wants you to know its growing, and also that you should probably check your feed 🐦


  • #snore If you watched the Super Bowl, our sympathies
  • State of the Union: the reason women wore white, our multi-talenteddesignated survivorAOC’s high five fail, and the little guy who just couldn’t hang😴
  • Jeff Bezos refuses to be blackmailed and he wrote a post to tell us why
  • How do we eat meat without feeling bad? The answer tells us a lot about the way people think
  • Brexit is already impacting trade and the economy and it hasn’t even officially happened yet #staytuned

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