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#Breadcrumbs Extravaganza 2020 💫

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Drumroll please, we’ve reached our 2020 Extravaganza Edition! As we say farewell to this year, we’ve rounded up some of our top-performing links. From uniting for social change, to listening to Michelle Obama read us bedtime stories, let’s reminisce about the past year and buckle up for a memorable 2021. #breadcrumbs

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1. Don’t go chasing forecast trends, 📈 2021 is changing the game for fashion companies everywhere
2. Yet…there is a trend that’s still #goingstrong: the “millennial aesthetic”
3. Get re-inspired by painter Shaye Gregan’s story of artistry, narrative and craft 🎨
4. Has Vogue learned from their controversial Simone Biles cover? 📸 Stay tuned for an update in 2021…


1. From marches to social media blackouts—this year, people came together (IRL and virtually) more than ever for the sake of change. Our TCG Co-founders joined the conversation and we’re glad you listened 🖤
2. Pretty positive this man STILL hates weed. But have your habits changed??
3. Michelle Obama accomplished the impossible and made children (and parents) fall in love with Mondays 📚
4. What do you do at 4:45PM on a Friday? 🕔
5. Will 2021 actually see the end of the influencer era if we’re still keeping tabs on them? 🤔


1. Dear Internet, I guess we really owe you one xoxo 2020
2. Oh no BMW, minimalism got to YOU too?! 🚗💨
3. How the stories of 6 Americans who had the virus truly encapsulate this whirlwind of a year
4. BYE FOMO, our new instagram feeds are all the company we need 🤳


1. Although our guy above ^^^ isn’t a fan, looks like 2020 was the year of ~cannabis~
2. When local grocery stores went online this year, you supported them! Go you!! 🥫🛒
3. Luxury brands regretted not investing in Japanese e-commerce earlier. *Le sigh* 😩
4. This year, Indigenous-owned beauty brands finally got the attention they deserve. Here’s to even more inclusivity in 2021! 💗



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