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An evening with CHARLIE

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December 15th, 2016. After what felt like an eternity, we were proud to finally showcase CHARLIE   – a self-led digital experience that was designed, written and produced by the entire Charles team.

Taking place at the speakeasy-like Bar Fortuna, the launch of CHARLIE began with specially-curated cocktails and commemorative prints.

The evening entertainment kicked off with a surprise performance in a room previously hidden from guests.

“We’re very conscious of fusing the online experience with what’s happening offline. We worked with two very special individuals – orator Lisa Fleming and violinist Samantha Gillogly – to perform excerpts from each piece,” said Samantha Edwards, Co-Founder & Creative Director.

Jacob Burstein, Studio Coordinator noted “Each piece was paired with a different-colored light to compliment the individuality of each writer’s unique voice.”

Over a four-week period we worked with violinist Samantha Gillogly to compose music that would pair well and create a real sensory delight for our guests.

TL;DR? Watch the recap below.

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