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Your Daily Serving Remixed

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London-based art director and photographer Vanessa McKeown has reimagined food art with a humorous take.

In her most recent series Good Gone Bad, McKeown takes nutritional foods like avocados and cauliflower and playfully dresses them with unhealthy sweet treats: cherry syrup and sprinkles. In another instance, what at first looks like a sugary chocolate donut is actually a Portobello mushroom cap with sprinkles. The whole series is a set of beautiful juxtapositions that have taken foodie culture by storm.

In an interview with McKeown, she shared that her inspiration behind working with food came from “it being so visually appealing… I guess I tend to go towards what I think looks pleasing. I love strawberries and bananas.”

McKeown’s work is not only visually pleasing but a deliciously thought-proving series that tempts even the healthiest of snobs to give in to their sweet tooth.

In her series “Fruloons & Vegaloons” McKeown showcases her eye for detail and love of fun by creating a new species of produce. Using balloons as stand-ins for grapes and eggplants, the inflatable edibles make for a clever photo.

Vanessa McKeown doesn’t just play with her food, she also plays with color-focused still lifes in her good-humored reinterpretation of everyday household objects and pop-culture.

Craving more clever combos? See more of Vanessa McKeown’s work on instagram.