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The Charles WFH Vibe

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This week marked the FIRST TIME EVER that all team members at The Charles NYC have simultaneously worked remotely. A new experience of co-working for some. Not much different for others. #TheCharlesWFH2020

So, what is it like working from home? How is everyone?


Taylor – IT’S A VIBE: music loud, dancing by myself, and an endless supply of seltzer.


Anissa – Sweatshirt. Sweats. Natural sunlight. Endless video chats all from the comfort of my kitchen table. ✌🏼


Jiwon – I don’t have a chair so I sit on my bed and work. Nice comfy home vibe~


Vanessa – Zero Paranoia. Extra Safe. No Good Chair. 100% Productive.


John – It’s like you’d rather take a nap instead, but the Lord’s watching…


Kim – Slipping into a ‘work face’ has never been easier.


Imani – I’m set up at my kitchen table, Duchess (the cat) and Aj (the dog) nearby!


Natasha – wfh vibe: Slack & wait + more coffee + what’s in my fridge


Ben – “Estimates from bed, stop the Corona spread”


Grace L – When your cell phone is also work phone: “Hello! This is The Charles NYC… totally…”


Anita – ‘Once Coronavirus is over- will self-quarantine from Joaquina!’


Melissa – Working from home means negotiating table space with my cat, Ziti.


Cheng Cheng – Constantly eating snacks since no others judging.


Blake – Silence is golden.


Grace H – Eating two lunches before 11am and calling into meetings with Yuki, Chief WFH Officer.


Chelsea – bright, cozy, and a little makeshift


Allison – all about hopping in panther(Whereby) while my neighbor plays bad early 2000s music in the courtyard…