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The Charles Group: Friends & Family

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This year we have experienced many things we didn’t know were possible, some of which were deeply upsetting us, and others of which displayed the strength of the human spirit. We saw changes in many areas of our lives. The things that we held onto for security have been brought into question, and in some cases completely changed. High on this list of changes how we can safely interact with people. Though in a year of social distance, our support networks have become essential to managing and processing what is happening around us. 

The Charles has taken a dive into our own network to highlight, support and honor the people around us. Our Friends and Family keep us inspired, and we’re taking a moment to sing their praises.

Jenn Monzon is using the power of art to help climate change. Her beautiful weavings will be auctioned off with Art of Light.

Seated wants to pay you not to cook – save that famous chicken recipe for another night. You can earn up to 30% back in rewards when you dine at your favorite restaurants.

The Black Women’s Blueprint provides more than just toiletries, they are rebuilding the community. This season, help support the organization continue their mission.

If you’re searching for talent, there’s a community of women you need to meet: Freelancing Females is a combination of new opportunities, resources and support.

There is no shortage of inspiration at Kate Wallich’s dance studio. Help support her non-profit organization to continue cultivating a community of artists.

Gimme a beat! This community-based DIY music education program, BEATS BY GIRLZ needs your help to continue bridging the gender divide in music.

This winter, make your house a home with beautifully hand dyed pieces from AVO. Everyone will be asking about your cowhide rug.

Handmade soap with carefully sourced ingredients that you can actually pronounce. Better for the environment, better for your body.

With every hat beautifully hand crafted and designed to fit your style, B.M. Franklin is a signature shop for this timeless accessory.

Hand crafted by Indian-based Artisans, tell your story with AARYAH – a jewelry brand inspired by the fearless women who wear them.

If love was an aroma, it would resemble Blue Skye’s and Co. With coconut soy wax & 100% natural essential oils, these candles provide the perfect winter vibe.