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The Charles CEO shares the latest insights on post-COVID marketing with BoF

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As many brands are making crisis-driven cuts to their marketing budgets, The Business of Fashion reached out to our Chief Executive Officer, Aaron Edwards, to dive deeper into how companies are approaching marketing during these uncertain times. 

As brands continue to shift from print to digital marketing, the emphasis on social media spending remains stronger than ever, and decisions have to be made regarding navigating the balance between driving immediate sales and building long-term brand awareness.

Aaron shares his insight with BoF

Fashion labels are interested in juicing Google search to drive customers to their e-commerce platforms, said Aaron Edwards, chief executive at marketing firm The Charles Agency.

As for social media spending, TikTok — despite concerns over its future — remains top-of-mind for brands eager to court Gen-Z. Pinterest has recently rolled out new features to make influencer-brand integrations more impactful and has also been a successful platform in driving referral traffic to clients’ websites, said Edwards.”

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