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The Charles CCO shares the latest insights on social media marketing with BoF

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As IG Reels comes to life in the light of TikTok’s unpredictable fate, Business of Fashion reached out to our chief creative officer, Samantha Edwards, to dive deeper into how brands approach this new dynamic. 

While some brands focus heavily on popular platforms like IG and TikTok, some others are spreading influence across a broader landscape of social platforms. Samantha shares insight with BoF


“If the brand is focused on its own channel instead of a partnership with an influencer for earned media, considering Instagram’s entire suite of products collectively may also be less daunting than trying to make a campaign work across more than one platform. For example, a brand could create a longform IGTV video, which would be promoted in the brand’s Instagram feed, and adapted for Instagram Stories and Reels.”

“It’s nice that it’s in the same ecosystem…and that the data available to brands and influencers on Instagram makes justifying its cost easier.”


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