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Through The Back Door

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This week, The Charles team visited Park Avenue Armory as part of our Summer Series to enjoy “The Back Door,” an exhibition by critically acclaimed contemporary artist Martin Creed.

The entire first floor of the Armory was filled with a series of sculptures, a slamming piano, stacked furniture, flashing lights, and films that took us into the psyche of the British multimedia artist. The all-encompassing, sensory experience also provided off-kilter inspiration for the team by releasing us from the constraints of the office into New York to explore.

Additionally, it encouraged us to come out of our comfort zone and witness the various and uncomfortable aspects of what makes us all human through eye-opening visuals.

Catch a glimpse of the exhibit below, or relive the full experience on VSCO.

“I often think that if I’m trying to do a drawing or a painting or any kind of work, it’s like trying to narrow the world down to this one thing.”
– Martin Creed

One of Martin Creed’s most iconic installations, “Half the air in a given space,” is a definite fan-favorite in the contemporary art world, and thanks to dozens of reiterations, it has been enjoyed by people all over the globe. This year, New Yorkers got to experience “Work No. 2497”.

Due to its interactivity, this installation was one of the most enjoyable experiences for our team. As the title suggests, we were encouraged to navigate through a sea — an ocean rather — of air-inflated white balloons that took up half the volume of the Colonel’s Reception Room.

It’s no wonder why people of all ages and from various countries enjoy Creed’s balloon installations. It is exploring this space and coexisting with the balloons that make the majority of us feel like kids again.

To see more of Martin Creed’s work, visit his website here.