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TT Water

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As Studio Apprentice at The Charles, one of my many roles is to ensure the vibe of the studio is good at all times. As the summer heat reigns on I’ve noticed that there’s no better way to keep everyone cool than by keeping them hydrated, which is why we got Teddy’s Tasty Water. From Blueberry and Orange to Grapefruit and Rosemary here are some tips to get the best tasting water.

Blueberry and orange infused water is the easiest to make and also seems to be the most popular here at The Charles. A more flavorful and fruity taste! Here’s what you’ll need:

1. (3) Blood oranges

2. A Pint of organic blueberries

3. A bag of ice

4. (2) Gallons of purified Water

First and foremost rinse fruit before prepping. After, fill a water dispenser with fresh water and add ice. You then want to cut the oranges in very thin slices (the fruit soaks better when its cut very thin), then just slip in your blueberries!

Ideally, wait around a half hour or so to have your first cup! The longer the water infuses, the better the taste!

Benefits: Vitamin C, fiber, and a good dose of nutrients and antioxidants

A more subtle and intense flavored water, Rosemary and Grapefruit can give you the kick you need to keep you focused and alert during the day! Follow below:

1. (2) Blood red grapefruits

2. A package of organic rosemary

3. A bag of ice

4. (2) Gallons of purified water

Rinse fruit! After, fill a water dispenser with fresh water and add ice. Cut Grapefruit pieces same as the oranges and dash the rosemary in for the final touch!

Benefits: Boosts metabolism, a strong dose of Vitamin C, strengthens immune system and alerts the mind

Enjoy and stay hydrated in style New York!