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One Year Down

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It’s official. It’s our one year anniversary at our 401 Broadway location! From demolition to custom built furniture, this space has been completely revamped from the dreary law office it once was.

If our walls could talk, they’d say they’ve seen it all. From new employees to countless Birdwatch presentations, and from our epic Holiday Extravaganza to our green wall installation at our bar (The Thirsty Heron), we’ve certainly made the most of our new space.

When we began designing the space over a year ago, we aimed to create an environment that promoted creativity and collaboration. It had to capture The Charles spirit as well as feel like a home away from home (with a lot more space than most of our NYC apartments too!). And now, one short year later, it finally feels like we’ve achieved these goals.

“Our Suite 601 office is truly a massive step up from our old 403 office in the same 401 building. I like to look at our monolith through the glass doors every time I enter the hallway; this small distraction reminds me to stop thinking about whatever was on my mind before and allows me to return to ‘dev mode’.” – Don Lee, Mid-Level Developer 

“I love the immense amount of natural light we get in the office. The warmth and energy that it brings really helps set the tone for my day.” – Grace Hwang, Project Manager

“My favorite thing about the office, aside from the view and the how spacious it is, would have to be the decor, especially our sculpture displayed in the hallway when you walk in.” – Matthew Connelly, Junior Developer 

“My favorite ritual is to dedicate some time in the morning to look outside the windows and watch people hustle to wherever they’re going. It’s usually quiet at The Charles during this time so it’s a nice contrast from the noise of NYC.” – Vania Myers, Visual Designer 

“We are greeted with creativity in every direction, whether it’s the wall, the bar, the plants, people, or slack. That’s what I love the most – a place where creativity grows.” – Nisharee “Fah” Komolkiti, Visual Design Intern

“My favorite thing about our office is hands down The Thirsty Heron, a.k.a. our bar. Not only does it serve as my desk but it’s also the perfect setting for internal socializing at The Charles. There’s nothing like the feeling of toasting off a hard week at our own bar on a Friday with the team, and that simply wouldn’t be possible without The Thirsty Heron.” – Jacob Burstein, Studio Coordinator

“My favorite part of our new space is the bar because it provides a chill spot away from our desks to collaborate with other team members.” – Sianna Stewart, Junior Creative 

“My favorite aspect about the 401, 601 Space is that the interior design aesthetic is on brand with the The Charles’s work aesthetic. Just being in the office encourages my creativity because the taste of our work is echoed through the carefully curated, minimalist interior design of our office. Encouraging a minimalist style reminds me as a designer to focus on reducing design to its essential elements to make a more effective and direct solution.” -Christine Carforo, Visual Designer

“My favorite part of our office is the awesome snacks we enjoy on a daily basis.” – Sandra W., Junior Developer 

“I get excited every time I head to the conference room, be it morning stand-ups, internal presentations, or client meetings. The enormous mural has such an exciting energy and fitting style, personality, and aesthetic. Each time I look at it, I discover something new in it.” – Ian Micallef, Visual Designer 

“My favorite part of our space is the plant life. It adds a nice organic element to the hard lines and color palette of the space.” – Garrett Traya, Visual Designer 

“One thing I really enjoyed about my time at 601 was the atmosphere. I loved that despite the fact I was in a modern office filled with sleek appliances, there was still a classical backdrop provided by an art-deco building built in the roaring twenties. Being within a clean, polished space doesn’t mute the hearts of so many when they’re in the city. It’s a clash of new and old, clean and grit. It’s a really interesting experience.” – Chad Humphrey, Mid-Level Developer, works remote from Orlando, FL. 

We can’t say for certain whether or not the renovations will stop here at The Charles. It’s the nature of creative industries to always change and evolve with trends. As a growing agency, The Charles has called many offices “home,” but this space, Suite 601, is where the wifi connects automatically, and that can only mean one thing — The Charles is finally home.