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Noise Cans

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To experience Noise Cans live is to hear a performance that is part carnival, part incantation, and pure celebration. We teamed up with the latest signee to famed dance music label Dim Mak to create a digital experience that mirrors Noise Cans’ unorthodox approach to live music.

Noise Cans’ music is an alluring hybrid of Caribbean influences fused with modern electronic sounds. Our goal was to represent this in an equally engaging, visual way.

We paired artistic “Low-Tech” photo and animation filters with a combination of retro and futuristic type treatments for a perfect combination of nostalgia and energy.

An artist’s craft should be at the forefront of their website. We integrated a custom player that directly links with the Noise Cans Soundcloud page to showcase all the available tracks.

The result is a website that visually represents his unique brand and sound while serving the functional needs many music websites lack.

Check out the live site at