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Less Is a Bore

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Saturday, November 18th: 11:00 AM

I drag my innocuous, art-challenged boyfriend from the pedestrian trenches of Connecticut and plant us in downtown NYC. More or less, I needed an excuse to cyborg out with my obscene, fun-dipped new metallic jacket.

I trudge ahead amongst apocalyptic conditions on 10th Ave. like the tortured, introspective soul I am. The Dia Art Foundation, an austere building shadily tucked away on W. 22nd street, is challenging to locate.

It takes more time than it should for me to realize that the cryptic door bludgeoned by caution signs is actually the entry to Rita Mcbride’s “Particulates” dystopia. Particulates, a cerebral creature of light and mist, is both nuanced and ominous, with a Lovecraftian quality to it reminiscent of Stranger Things (i.e. pulpy aesthetic perfection).

I’ve been cogitating on several different hypotheses regarding what makes an art exhibit “meta”, mainly the tension of color and light. I tend to think the right combination of both lends itself to a certain emotional dimension.

Here’s a look at my day of leisurely meanders through the Dia and the New Museum for Instagram Bait.