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La Petite Mort

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New York City is a safari for fashion. The city takes pride in its diversity in culture and lifestyles circa 1980-90’s. Additionally, the retro-fetish of today has shaped modern-day vintage shopping into a treasure hunt of eclectic proportions.

If you haven’t heard already, nostalgia is chic, and in New York City, you’ll never know what you’ll find on any given day, be it walking down the street, or searching the dollar bins at your neighborhood’s thrift store. We can tell you who tops the list of highly curated vintage and thrift stores. It’s La Petite Mort, or LPM, and it definitely stands out for its electric mix of new and used pieces from the 90’s.

We invited LPM’s founders Kara Mullins and Osvaldo “OJ” Jiminez to be a part of our Birdwatch Series. We’re excited to hear them speak on what they know best — nostalgia and the 1990’s. From the Club Kids Scene to the vibrant looks of Galliano for Dior, the founders of LPM are experts on this era. They live, eat, and breathe 90’s culture and that makes them the perfect presenters for Birdwatch.

With just a glance into their 37 Orchard Street location, you can see brands like Dior, Fendi, and Fubu along with iconic artist tee’s featuring Too Live Crew! and Mariah Carey, all at a reasonable price. Overall, their large collection of rare 1990’s #throwbacks celebrates what we wall miss.

In addition to dressing some celebrities like Jojo, La Petite Mort also functions as a rotating artist gallery, showcasing new and local artists on a bi-monthly basis. It’s these additional initiatives that set LPM apart from other vintage stores around the city and even the country.

LPM has been featured in highly influential magazines like Paper Mag for their controversial “R.I.P. Taylor Swift” gate, as well as GQ JapanMilkVogue, and Refinery29, LPM has certainly proven itself on an international stage.

We are honored to invite LPM into The Charles NYC as part of our Birdwatch Series and collaborate with them on our #10Kate series. Catch the presentation at The Charles NYC, Thursday June 30th at 4pm, and check out LPM on Instagram for daily fashion inspiration.