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Birdwatch – The NYFW Edition ft. KARA

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In honor of NYFW we’re pleased to have Founder and Creative Director of  KARA host the next edition of Birdwatch.

When it comes to “it-bags”,  KARA is undoubtedly the go-to for any New Yorker or handbag aficionado. Just looking at their Instagram it’s easy to understand why KARA is the “it” bag for the young-at-heart and creative, urban woman.

Whether you choose an simple and understated KARA Cross Body or a butter-soft back-pack in a vibrant color, you’ll see that each bag is designed for practicality, with beautifully designed features and finishes.

Founder and Creative Director, Sarah Law has a strong vision that ensures the line celebrates individuality, curiosity and modernity. Shortly after launching KARA, Law was accepted into the CFDA Incubator program, allowing her to grow the brand from her apartment, to a prestigious building in the Garment District.

It would have been easy for Law to sew her own name into the labels of the bags, but it was important for her to choose a name that is easily pronounced in different languages, truly reflecting the brand’s globally-minded perspective. (Sidenote: the actual brand name – KARA, originates from the Japanese word karaoke, which means empty orchestra, or a large space to express yourself). The playfulness isn’t limited to the name however – as the KARA team often hosts regular company outings to karaoke bars around their Tribeca studio to celebrate their heritage.

From the BYOB by KARA (build your own bag) where they share their patterns and designs with brands they admire so they can build their own bags, to the delightfully chic “Sky Blue Shearling Back Pack”, the brand’s spirited approach and dedication to authenticity in design and culture, is what has inspired us to invite Founder and Creative Director of KARA – Sarah Law to participate in our Birdwatch Series.

Join us on Monday September 12th at 10am, via Facebook Live to hear Sarah Law speak on a wide range of topics including the KARA philosophy, design/manufacturing process and what it takes to be a leading brand today.

DETAILS: Like our Facebook Page (here) to view the KARA Bird Watch Presentation or Follow us on SnapChat (thecharlesnyc) for off camera excerpts throughout the morning.