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Iconic Brands Embroidered in Full Bloom

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Iconic brands like Nike, Fila, and Kappa have been on the upswing for years with the rise of sportswear in an everyday context. Artist James Merry manages to elevate select brands logos to a whole new level of cool by bridging these urban brands with delicate floral embroidery.

Merry, Bjork’s personal embroiderer (who is credited for several tour looks), released a limited line of hand-embroidered track jackets and sweatshirts sold exclusively at Opening Ceremony in SoHo. For three days, the public watched Merry create beautiful sewings for 18 one-off pieces. So what sparked this intricate project that enabled Merry to reach new levels of fame? The inspiration behind this series was prompted by an overwhelming sense of homesickness while staying in New York.

James Merry tells I-D Magazine in a one-on-one interview: “At the start of this year, I had been stuck in New York for a bit longer than I am usually comfortable with. I was really missing Iceland and being in the countryside, so I guess it was some kind of silent protest of mine—to take something that was super urban and machine-made and barren (my old Nike sweater), and fertilize it, forcing it to flower by embroidering a glacier flower and moss on it.”

This blend of trending aesthetics is creating much buzz for the artist and these powerhouse brands.

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