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Introducing The Charles Gives Back

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Here at The Charles, we are continuously seeking new and varied ways to go One Step Further. When it comes to our clients and partners, this has meant using our knowledge and creativity to drive impactful, inspiring work. But why wouldn’t we use this same commitment to create impact for the world in ways outside our expertise?

“Giving back” has been something we’ve wanted to do for quite some time, which is why we’re proud to announce the launch of our newest initiative, The Charles Gives Back. We unveil a new logo, drawn by our designer, Kelsey Hall, to symbolize the heart and spirit behind our humanitarian outreach effort. It’s our goal to seek out opportunities in order to effect positive change within a variety of communities – from now through 2020, and beyond. And we’ll make a conscious effort to ensure we’re doing things to strengthen, inspire, and help across a variety of organizations. 

For the brand identity,  we reflected on what The Charles Gives Back means to us and how we could manifest that in a new and different way. With empathy driving the design inspo, we assigned the identity design the newest member of our creative team, Kelsey Hall.

“I wanted to create something that continuously circles back onto itself, reflecting on what it means to ‘give back’. I used a hand-drawn approach to to symbolize the heart and spirit behind our humanitarian outreach effort, the imperfect nature also speaks to the natural creative spirit of the team at large.”

Giving back means a lot to our team, so we’re proud to be able to not only add a meaningful facet to the company’s culture and mission, but to learn a thing or two along the way.

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