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Introducing Sianna Stewart

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Our diverse team of creatives and developers makes The Charles so great. Today we shine the spotlight on our Junior Creative, Sianna Stewart, as she shares what inspires her creative passion and growth at The Charles.

“I’m definitely a well-rounded person who loves learning and doing new things, especially when people are involved. I never want to see the world as something routine so I make sure to shake things up with inner city travels, music, and art.”

“Since grade school, I was given the opportunity to experience various creative things, from design collaborations and photography courses, to orchestra performances and drama shows — whatever creative thing I could do, I did.

These moments in school influenced me to pursue visual arts in college. Since I’m without that school environment, I take it upon myself to engage in personal projects explorations, and travel to keep my creative passion alive.”

“There’s nothing like working with creatively diverse people that fuels me day-to-day. I definitely appreciate working with this team that breaks barriers, is innovative, and is completely passionate from the inside-out on what they do.

“I’m looking forward to improving as a creative so I can lend myself to solving complex social problems.”