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Introducing: Grace Hwang

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We’d like to introduce one of our new Project Managers, Grace Hwang to the team. Grace came to us from the fashion world, but she quickly acclimated into The Charles company culture. Grace loves hiking, laughing, and talking all things fashion. She is cc’d on everything, and the commander of morning stand-up.

I got a chance to sit down with Grace over a #PSL and we chatted about who she is, and how she got here. Find out what makes Grace tick below.

What is it you do at The Charles? 

I am a PM — Project/People Manager.

How do you see the roles and responsibilities of a Project Manager in your day to day life outside of the office?

It’s silly yet true, but I feel qualities of a PM surface when I do the whole week’s laundry (which I love) because it’s a task with a clear beginning and end.

How did you end up at The Charles? 

Most recently, I was an e-commerce manager for a fashion designer where I was introduced to Samantha and Aaron, the Co-Founder’s at The Charles. The Charles had built the website I was managing and we’d work so closely to come up with new ideas for newsletter content, social media campaigns and conceptualizing photoshoots.

Around the time I left doing strictly e-comm, The Charles were looking to hire someone with a similar skill set to mine and the rest, as they say, is history.

Have you grown at The Charles?

I’ve grown here immensely. Through working with a close-knit team of designers and developers, I’ve been able to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the rigorous process that goes into producing beautiful and innovative websites. Something I took for granted when I was on the Client side!

How did you end up in New York City?

I’m a California transplant and graduated from UCLA in 2008. I decided to stay there for dental school, but in 2009 I had a change of heart and decided I wanted to work in fashion instead. So in 2011, I moved to Virginia to live with my sister and started applying for internships in New York. And then in 2012, I moved to New York where I’ve lived ever since.

What kinds of things do you like to do in your spare time?

Saturday mornings are usually spent with the K-1st girls at Operation Exodus — A mentoring program for students in Washington Heights. And the rest of the weekend is spent with friends usually in nature or art galleries.

What are some things you simply cannot live without?

Green Tea, A Moleskine notebook and Anna Sui’s “Rouge Jar”.

What are some of your favorite websites?

Maya Lin, and Business of Fashion.