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Introducing Garrett Traya

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At The Charles, we’re a diverse group of individuals. We make it a priority to celebrate this individuality by highlighting one of our team members and showcasing what inspires them. This time we’re highlighting the latest addition to the team: our Visual Designer, Garrett Traya.

“I consume anything and everything: music, film, fashion, and books. I also try to stay fit at the gym and invest my time taking yoga and dance classes. On the weekends, I’m usually out in Brooklyn dancing with my friends.”

“I was actually on the route to becoming a pharmacist in undergrad; I took all the science classes, labs, and everything. One day I realized I didn’t want to do it anymore so I switched to get a degree in photography.”

“I like the style and the vibes I get from The Charles: the people, the place, and the work. It’s small enough to grow creatively and make a big splash, rather than being a pixel pusher on a large account. The team is also really incredible, and I feel like we all vibe really well with each other.”

“I’m hoping to expand my design chops in an agency setting and tear into 2016 with some outstanding creative work.”