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Introducing: Edward Lee

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We’d like to introduce our newest designer, Edward Lee to the team. Originally from Coventry, England, Edward’s new home in Chicago has become a source of constant inspiration for him. Edward has edge, charisma, style, and most of all talent.

I got a chance to talk with Edward over the web to discuss who he is, how he got here, and what is next. Find out what makes him tick below.

Who is Edward Lee, and how did you end up at The Charles Chi? 

I come from a small village in the English countryside, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. At 19, I moved to the city of Manchester to study at Manchester School of Art for 3 years.

During my time at art school I was lucky enough to land some really incredible creative internships at The Designers Republic Studio, Esquire UK and British Vogue, which solidified a huge interest in branding, editorial design and art direction for fashion-related projects.

As soon as I finished University, I moved to London where I got a job as a Designer for Topshop. As a part of their digital team, I worked predominantly with features and creative campaigns on their website, as well as e-mail marketing design and art directing their social media or blog fashion shoots.

Eventually I wanted to move out to the States to get a feel for what the American creative industry was like. I reached out to a variety of creative agencies in the States — The Charles being one of them.

When did you know you wanted to work in the creative industry? 

When I left school and went to college I started out studying Math, Physics and Chemistry… after a year I dropped out. It was then that I knew I was really only destined for working within a creative career.

After that, I enrolled in an art foundation degree, where I specialized in spray painting and street art. It was then that I truly knew the arts were in my career path, one way or another.

What was it that made you so determined to start working over in the States? 

I get bored and feel restricted quite easy, so after two years of living in London I was ready for something bigger and more of a challenge/new experience. When this registered, it was only the US I had in mind, and I started looking into industries and cultures here.

What about American Culture resonates with you as a creative? 

What I have found most contrasting to English culture (and what I love most about American culture) is that there is a real sense of no-holds-barred here. Whether in design, fashion or music, there is a great feeling that everyone is welcome and free to express themselves however they want to without judgment which I never found in London.

What do you do in your spare time? How do you stay inspired? 

To stay inspired I buy and read a lot of fashion magazines. I also go out drinking with friends, visit exhibitions, see films, go to catwalks and fashion press days. I pretty much indulge myself in anything visually creative no matter what the medium or message is.

How would you describe your personal aesthetic in three words? 

Contemporary, curious and conceptual.

What are some things you simply cannot live without? 

Coffee, my rings, The John Lennon Letters.

What are some of your ‘go-to’ online sources of inspiration?

Keep up with Edward on instagram here.