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#InternLife at The Charles

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Be it designing a mobile site for a client, coding a custom tumblr page or creating an original work of art, interning at The Charles NYC provides an agency experience like no other. Check out some personal reflections from interns of The Charles, past and present.

“My time as an intern at The Charles was amazing beyond belief. I was fresh to New York (literally five days in) and having an internship that allowed me to move about the city really helped me get my bearings. I was traveling around so much that I quickly began to feel more familiar with the shops and cafes of Tribeca than my own neighborhood.

I had quite a unique first day at The Charles. The team invited me to One Fine Day, our annual retreat, as my first day meeting everyone. This was when I knew I found something special at The Charles. Within four hours of meeting our cofounders, I was talking about icons like Kate Moss and Kim Kardashian – the vibe couldn’t have been better.

This was my first creative job out of school and seeing how an agency operates totally blew my mind. The level of work, the sense of community within the agency, the perks (snacks and much more), and the commitment to creativity that The Charles had instantly made me feel at home.

During my time as an intern I was juggling between studio and creative duties. I was in charge of creating the entire holiday campaign we ran last year – that was a real treat. The amount of one-on-one time with our Creative Director, Samantha, shaped my experience in ways I can’t even begin to explain. I still greatly value the relationship that was fostered as I was an intern. With each passing day I began to feel myself become more and more comfortable and confident in my skill set.

It was this three month stint as their Visual Design Intern that I truly began to understand why working at an agency is so great. I’m still working at The Charles as their Studio Coordinator, doing all things culture and what I love, with a company that I feel really cares about me.”

“Interning at the Charles provides you with the opportunity to flex your skills and see your work go into production. You’ll work hard, but end up creating some amazing pieces of digital work before your three months are up!”

“As a studio intern I got to build experience in a fast-paced industry. Every day was a new adventure. One of the coolest moments I was a part of was The Charles NYC Admin’s Initiative hosted at the Classic Car Club in Manhattan. I really enjoyed photographing our social media initiatives at The Charles and generating digital content for our agency’s web projects. It pushed me to be dynamic and innovative. That is a lot of what I do for The Charles now. I learned how to be efficient and, with the help of the team, improved my skills in coordinating physical events and digital content creation.

Everyone remembers their first internship, because it was a behind-the-scenes look at an operating agency, startup, or business. It’s all about taking each day as a new opportunity. It’s about experiencing what makes an agency thrive and learning from each moment so you can contribute to something awesome.

My advice for new interns? Every day shapes you and your creative career path, so get out of your comfort zone and learn as much as possible.”

“Learning on the fly from the pros has been a great way to build the essential skills I need in my field – all while seeing my work go to production. My advice would be to keep an open mind and open heart as you work within the talented Charles team; some highly experienced, some as new as you, and all brilliant!”