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Inspiring Creative Podcasts

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Ever since the craze of “Serial,” I got sucked into the world of podcasts. They keep me sane during my, back then, long commutes from South Jersey to New York. Strangers gave concerned looks as I silently cried during an emotional “Modern Love” reading, and they would slowly back away as I cackled at one of “My Favorite Murder” jokes. Even when I’m working on a project at The Charles or at home washing dishes, I would have a podcast episode playing in the background.

If I’m ever in a creative slump, I also turn to podcasts. It’s a goldmine for those who want to listen in on their favorite art director’s life lessons, learn how to stay true to their brand, and be exposed to design thinking like never before. So whether you’re brand new to podcasts or a seasoned listener, I highly recommend checking out these creative podcasts below.

I was exposed to entrepreneur’s Maurice Cherry award-winning podcast, “Revision Path,” when he was interviewed in another podcast, and I’ve been hooked ever since. As a Black designer, Maurice felt that there was a lack of design and developer role models of color, especially African American. Thus, Revision Path is dedicated to exposing Black graphic designers, web designers, and web developers who impact the creative industry in every way, but don’t get the exposure and recognition that they deserved.

A podcast about design AND pop culture? *Subscribed.* Hosted by designer Donovan Beery, “The Reflex Blue Show” focuses on the topics of graphic design by people working in the industry. It’s extremely well-researched and though out, so you’ll find that they tackle subjects like internships, fonts, AIGA, environmental design and pop culture in an authentic and honest way. They also have a star-studded list of design professionals, such as Russell Brown (highly recommend tuning into that one), Jeff Fisher, and Von Glitscha. Don’t worry—the hosts keep things light-hearted, so it’s not dry at all.

What is a list of design podcasts without “Design Matters?” Led by Debbie Millman, Design Matters is the world’s first podcast about design profiles incredible industry-leading graphic designers, artists, change agents, and educators. It’s thought-provoking and inspiring, and she often brings to light issues that the design industry is struggling with. Millman also emphasizes that, although they can talk about making a difference, these conversations can bring about change and actual positive change. A recent interview with designer Su Mathews Hale, president of AIGA, exposes Hale’s ernest thoughts and efforts to bring more attention to female designers in a world that often tend to celebrate white, male designers. She is one of five women to ever hold the title of president of AIGA.

The name alone got me hooked because I honestly didn’t think of myself as a creative until my college years. “The Accidental Creative” is jam-packed with advice on large and small situations that creatives deal with. I can guarantee that you’ll find direction and clarity while scrolling through and listening to an episode that speaks to you. One that I really enjoyed is a conversation with Alan Siegel, co-founder of Siegel + Gale. A legend in branding and design, he gave practical tips for seeking simplicity in your career and work, as well as cultivating empathy for clients, coworkers and people you surround yourself with.