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How to make better business decisions through time tracking: Harvest shares The Charles story

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Harvest has been one of the most used tools at The Charles, and although the team uses this app on a daily basis, there is much more to it than simply tracking project times and progress. 

Harvest reached out to our CEO Aaron Edwards to learn more about why Harvest is such an integral part of The Charles tools for the team. Aaron shared his insights on how to make better business decisions via the use of granular time tracking: 

“It’s pretty regimented here,” says Aaron. “The teams are tracking microtasks. So if they worked 20 minutes on a website banner, or a website design, or a brand ID, or a brand strategy, it’s all set within the project, from the inception.”

“The value of tracking time so precisely is not having to explain it to the client when they ask.” 


Beyond being valuable to managing resources and budgets:

“You learn so many interesting things you can do with the data,” says Aaron.

“I think that’s the true value of the platform,” he says. “If you’re able to get people to think more holistically about the data, then they can effectively manage the teams better and they can manage morale, they can manage culture, they can manage the balance between work and play.”


Read the full article here: Using granular time tracking to make better business decisions.


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