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Featured: How To Win At Instagram Live

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Samantha Edwards and Aaron Edwards, Co-founders of The Charles Group spoke to the Business of Fashion on how brands can be successful utilizing Instagram’s Live feature.

“[Instagram] Live serves as a platform for you to best connect with your consumer in a human way right now.” said Samantha Edwards, co-founder of digital strategy and marketing firm The Charles Group. “Livestreams work best as part of a wider marketing strategy,” said Edwards. “Unlike the main feed or Stories, followers can interact in real time with a brand. A product could be promoted directly on a brand’s main feed, while Stories can be used to demonstrate how it should be worn, and then a question-and-answer session can be streamed via Instagram Live.”

“This is the most perfect opportunity for brands to test a variation of different content formats, whether it’s more down and dirty and gritty, or it’s super premium and elevated and curated,” said The Charles Agency Co-Founder Aaron Edwards.

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