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Design Milk: Where I Work

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The Charles NYC, Co-Founder and CEO, Aaron Edwards, featured April 25th, 2017 on Design Milk as part of their “Where I Work” feature.

“I sit in a glass fish tank surrounded by piles of papers, pens and scribbles on notepads. I call it organized chaos, some people call it a mess but it works for me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I do miss being in the action and previously I always sat with the team as I felt it was important for them to know how invested and involved I was in the day to day. As the agency has grown it’s no longer possible but I do try to float around the office as much as I can being “that” guy looking over colleagues’ shoulders and throwing in my two cents.” – Aaron on his work environment.

Read Aaron’s full feature on Design Milk here.