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#Breadcrumbs: Through rose-colored glasses 2.14.20

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We’re doing #Breadcrumbs a little differently this week. In honor of Cupid’s day, here’s our Valentine’s roundup of THINGS WE LOVE.

Plus, be sure to scroll to the end to catch some results from a “Things we love” survey at the office this week.

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No matter how big or how small, we are all about sharing the things that warm our hearts like no other. Here’s a little feel-good list of things we love.

  1. The sunset over the city as you’re riding over the bridge

  2. When you get a roll of film back, and it’s a surprise how things came out

  3. An airplane leaving

  4. The sound of a pool when you jump into

  5. When you wake up early on weekends and the world feels a little quieter

  6. Sleeping in

  7. Sunday naps

  8. The perfect pair of jeans

  9. Fresh orange juice

  10. Pillow forts

  11. The lightheadedness felt after a laughing fit

  12. That puppy smell

  13. Smoking a cigarette with an old-time friend

  14. Making a small boy laugh on the subway home from work.

  15. Igloos!

  16. New York in the fall

  17. Swimming in the ocean

  18. Moodboards

  19. Seeing the stars in the night sky

  20. Looking up to N.Y. sky-scrapers from Brooklyn Bridge

  21. Shadows of tree branches on the wall

  22. Solo beach day with a book, fruits, coconut water, and sunglasses ️

  23. The moment you realize you got the entire row to yourself on the 10-hour flight

  24. Homemade chili oil

  25. Asian mom saying ‘I love you”