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#breadcrumbs, September 29th, 2017

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A delicious Loewe collaboration, IKEA’s brand new pet companion, and the best looks from Bushwig 2017, we’ve got some great links in store for you this week…

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•  Somebody’s literally looking like a snack. Kelsey McClellan’s latest project Wardrobe Snacks pairs chic outfits and styling with food.

•  Dream team J.W. Anderson and photographer Steven Meisel debut a set of sweet and savory fruit-focused ads for Loewe. ?

•  Adidas scored major culture-cred this year. Here’s why all the cool kids are wearing the German brand’s kicks.



•  Bushwig 2017 had its biggest year thanks to the success of Rupaul’s Drag Race. Peep some of the best looks here. ?

•  Witness amazing artwork from Spoke Art’s Hayao Miyazaki tribute show commencing this weekend in NYC.

•  Instagram handle screensaviors has “those in the know” giggling and cringing at the same time.

•  After 90+ years, Ad Age speaks on its rebranding effort and showcases a new logo.


•  Ikea has bought Task Rabbit, hopefully making it easier to hire someone to figure out those insufferable assembly instructions. ?

•  Small Idaho town Twin Falls is still in recovery after a threatening fake news media maelstrom.

•  Black Lives Matter is a social movement and can not be sued, ruled a Louisiana judge in Thursday’s victory in a Louisiana court. #staywoke ?


•  Elon Musk’s space dreams gives us a more tangible vision of how to reach Mars. ?

•  Twitter’s testing out a 280 character limit for tweets. The internet has an opinion OFC.

•  Japan’s central banks hasten to kill off cash by launching a unique cryptocurrency called J-Coin.  ?

•  We’ve gone BALD trying to rationalize why iOS11 choose such divisible typography. HBU? Update at your own aesthetic risk.