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#breadcrumbs, September 22nd, 2017

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IKEA’s new AR app, The Powerpuff Girls’ Bliss, and some beautiful lines from Soviet era swimmers – we’ve got some great links in store for you this week.

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1. Breaking the boundaries of publishing with simple interactivity and type compositions, Inside the Head scratches all of our digital design itches.

2. Now you can see what that IKEA couch looks like in that blank space at home (or on the side of the street when you kick him out) with the new AR app IKEA Place for iOS 11. ?

3. Even the icelandic goddess Bjork is Gucci-curious in her new video for her single ‘The Gate.’

4. Japanese artist Haroshi launches his first-ever zine at the New York Art Book Fair this weekend at MoMA PS1. ?

5. A photograph has been circling the internet called Trump and The Dove, and Topic uncovers the story of one of the weirdest photographs about the President.

6. A Wikipedia of Data Visualizations is unleashed to fill the procrastination void. We may not know what most of it means, but it’s definitely beautiful.

7. Missy Elliot’s performance at the Hip Hop Honors awards proves that she’s still THAT b*tch that came and changed the game. ?

8. The Veruca-Salt-syndrome of “I want it now” once turned commercial fashion cycles on its head, but now it seems, like the hype, that it was just a phase.

9. Nowness mini-series Black Star explores every tint, tone, shade, and hue of the black experience. Our select is “Rebirth is Necessary” by Jenn Nkiru. ?

10. A digital hub called Firsts documents the women that helped change the world, leaving that broken glass ceiling in their wake. Go aaaawff, ladies!

11. British designer Gareth Pugh turns the Parisian summer trend on its head for SS 2018, referencing the literally hard lines of the seminal fashion film from the 60’s. Qui êtes-vous, Gareth Pugh?

12. Throwback favorite and the underratedly progressive Powerpuff Girls cartoon is getting a new brown sister named Bliss. ?

13. The New York Times Style Magazine examines the significance of the swan song for artists. ?

14. The renderings for the Louvre Abu Dhabi, a museum designed to be an island, are stunning.

15. Watch the legendary Naomi Campbell walk, turn, swerve, and pose for a karaoke-inspired new ad for H&M. Always a gag.

16. Sync and swim, sweetie, to the soft lines created in Maria Svarbova’s photographs of the Soviet era swimmers. ?