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#Breadcrumbs: Fall is here, and so are we! 10.14.2019

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Did you miss us? From Instagram fails to dreams of space colonies, the new Cat Woman to fur bans, we’ve got some great links in store you this week!

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  • Arthur Jafa’s rapid fire 7 minute film traces African American History and wins him some 

  • Get ready to meet the new Cat Woman: Meow!

  • A small city’s zine evolves into an international book

  • Size does matter“…when it comes to the size of your agency!

  • C’mon Instagram, we just wanted to be FRIENDS



  • Venezuela contemplates a world without Adobe

  • SNOOZE! Teenagers get an extra hour of  in California

  • Tired of the 80,000 Post It Notes stuck all over your desk? Check out this app

  • For those who aren’t employed: Fortnite is exciting again

  • Meanwhile, when you sleep through design school…
  • Your brother punching you in the leg is a better investment


  • Some take-aways from the 4th Presidential Primary Dem-bate

  • The woman behind Generation G

  • This could explain why your kid never behaves

  • Is there anything you can’t get on Amazon? Ask Jeff Bezos

  • You said Netflix ‘N Chill or Disney ‘N Chill?