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#breadcrumbs, October 13th, 2017

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From St. Vincent’s new neon era to the internet calling for accountability, we’ve got some great links in store for you this week.

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• Coach Inc. changes its name to Tapestry, while throwing some petite shade at LVMH. ?

•  CNN profiles Michele Lamy, the formidable woman behind Rick Owens

• Another Gucci collab, this time with instagram darling Unskilled Worker helps keep the cult of Gucci alive.?


• The incredibly complex artwork of the late Louis Bourgeois haunts the galleries at the Museum of Modern Art in a comprehensive retrospective. Do. Not. Miss. This. ?

• Art darling and studio pick St. Vincent unleashes her latest work “MASSEDUCTION” in time.

• With the release of his new documentary “Human Flow,” Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei installed several works all over New York City.


• In the age of digital publishing and social media, the internet definitely does NOT forget. In light of the heartbreaking events in Las Vegas, the internet calls out every single member of Congress that has taken money from the NRA through the mud.

• After all the Harvey Weinstein scandals, Terry Crews comes forward with his own story to help shed some more light on a corrupt Hollywood system. ?

• The Boy Scouts will be expecting… a girl to join their ranks for the first time in history.


• Business in the front, party in the back (end): the players behind the journalism curtain lament CMS terrors hidden from the public.

• An impediment to aide reaching Puerto Rico isn’t just President Trump; it’s the lack of available maps. The internet is slowly changing that. ?

• The elusive planet nine is looking more like reality than fiction, according to NASA.