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#Breadcrumbs: November 16th, 2018

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From museum cats and Gigi Hadid’s sneaker collab to Le Grand K’s retirement, we’ve got some great links in store for you this week.

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  • Haute couture or hot mess? Artists’ renditions of Vogue cover
  • ~Gucci Gucci Louis Louis Fendi Fendi Prada~ Check out the vintage designer supplier to the stars ?
  • A Harry Potter clothing collection: cosplay or fashion?
  • We’re trying really hard not to be offended by this millennial gift list
  • Gigi Hadid hopped on the sneaker collab train and #yas #plz


  • Will someone please give The Booty Kings a record deal?!
  • Thank you, Stan Lee, for heroes, adventures, and the best cameos in the game #RIP
  • The internet promoted this artist to a job on the new Pokemon movie – see why
  • Keith Haring is coming to the Tate Liverpool this summer
  • Purr-haps they should let these cats see art! ?


  • Whatsapp wants you to unplug and take a real #vacay
  • This tiny metal cylinder has been locked in a vault in Paris since 1889 and has more of an impact on your life than you can imagine #mindblown
  • What do venus flytraps and lightning bolts have in common? ?⚡
  • Making stuff from moon dust *it’s out of this world* ?
  • Nokia has taken indestructible to a new level, even for them, with a 21 day battery #whaaa


That heartwarming story about the homeless veteran? #fakenews ?