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#Breadcrumbs: May 4th, 2018

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From a drug mansion and a gangsta pig to 4D furniture, we’ve got some great links in store for you this week.

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  • Online retail, offline?! Ssense has combined the best parts of online and in-store shopping with their Montreal flagship store opening this week. ?

  • #SorryNotSorry but we’ll be watching the Alexander McQueen documentary trailer over and over again until the movie’s release. ?

  • Another week, another ? Ikea collab.

  • We’re so excited to see modest fashion having a moment and H&M hopping on board. ?

  • Ksenia Schnaider’s denim fur jacket proves that fur alternatives can be just has beautiful as the real thing.


  • Sasha Obama looks right at home kickin’ it with Cardi B and Offset at Broccoli Fest. #BadAndBoujee ?

  • These fired Harvard professors turned a worn down mansion into the drug haven that began the psychedelic ‘60s.

  • Los Angeles! You don’t want to miss Daniel Arsham’s exhibition bringing to life those cartoon character patches you know you loved back in the day. ?

  • Mute! Pause! Fast Forward! Can’t catch a break watching season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale.

  • Bad Gal RiRi is the sister we wish we had – serving looks and telling us how to live our best lives in her Vogue cover story. SLAY QUEEN! ?


  • If the rise of Lil Miquela doesn’t convince you that this technology driven world needs a reality check, we don’t know what will.

  • Facebook has nostalgia conquered. Soon you’ll be able to relive your favorite memories in a 3D VR world.

  • The future of furniture is 4D?

  • Who would have thought this party drug could be a remedy for PTSD?

  • Look up! The next New York Times front page story may be courtesy of a drone.


  • Don’t be thrown off by the pink tutu and rosy cheeks – Peppa Pig is wayyy too gangster for the Chinese government.

  • Solving the “millennial sustainability gap” should be on the minds of brands looking to retain and increase sales.

  • The Barbie hairstyle that caused all the controversy this week.

  • The people of Indianapolis had a true morality test when it started raining money on the highway. ?

  • Read this informative article about the history of violence against black women and the memorial honoring them.