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#Breadcrumbs: March 30th, 2018

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From turntable orchestras and sliced ketchup to a Jersey Shore reunion, we’ve got some great links in store for you this week.

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  • Watch Prada bring comic books to life in Part 2 of their 365 SS18 campaign featuring three strong, fearless women. #girlpower ?

  • Virgil Abloh’s move to Louis Vuitton menswear was this week’s #fashunnews, and critics have mixed feelings. Virg FTW or nah?

  • Cellulite-smoothing shoes and affordable high-quality makeup? Entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore is the real MVP. ?

  • Add this alternative beauty Instagram to your list of people to follow. ?

  • Help Chloë Sevigny with her #springcleaning and update your wardrobe by buying what’s left of her closet.

  • Fashion experiences #fakenews too: Vetements isn’t selling? Or it is? Or it isn’t?


  • From the innovative set design to the adorable FKA Twigs’ magic tricks, thisApple ad by Spike Jonze definitely sold us on the HomePod. ?

  • Mark Jenkins and Sandra Fernandez’s art installation made a powerful statement about male suicide prevention in the UK this past Monday.

  • If you haven’t already heard, the ‘90s are over and we can no longer relate.

  • Read this compelling critique of Wes Anderson’s new movie, Isle of Dogs.

  • We can all learn something about camaraderie and community from the skaters of La Paz?

  • Do yourself a favor and check out the photos that mattered this March.

  • We couldn’t be more ready for a trip back to the Jersey Shore with Snooki, JWoww, and the rest of the crew. #keepitclassy ?


  • The greatest thing since sliced bread – sliced ketchup?

  • These groundbreaking 3D graphics will keep you guessing on who and what is real.

  • Is artificial intelligence for us or against us? AI consultants warn that the technology used to spot fake news can also be used to generate it.

  • Wondering why you can’t remember that trip you took to Disneyland when you were three? Find out here why our childhood memories don’t stick.

  • Facebook has decided to give us (some of) our privacy back by shutting down a source of third party data providers that flow to advertisers.

  • After this week’s Cambridge Analytica leak, it seems like all social media could use some rescuing. Can these tactics recapture the magic of the original social networks?


  • You won’t believe what high-end product The Standard is adding to their minibars. ?

  • Change your diet, change your life. Studies show that healthy eating and mental health are more connected than you think. #YouAreWhatYouEat

  • We’re hopeful that The Wing’s positive mission will stand for itself during their investigation by the New York Human Rights Commission.

  • Yet another tweet that causes a $53 billion stock plummet in one day. #TrumpTweets #AnotherOneBitesTheDust

  • Thought DJ’s only spun in the club? Think again and check out this video of the world’s first turntable orchestra?

  • New York Times has opened up the conversation about their coverage of the Austin bombings by inviting all readers to share their questions and comments.