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#Breadcrumbs: March 23rd, 2018

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From soul train lines and paper pixels to Bill Cunningham’s just discovered memoir, we’ve got some great links in store for you this week.

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  • Who will buy Acne Studios and most importantly, for how much?
  • Here’s to hoping the increased diversity seen on the runways this season is more than just a trend ?
  • Raf Simons, The Olsens and Virgil Abloh are just a few of the ?nominees  for this year’s CFDA Fashion Awards. See you in Brooklyn, Donatella!
  • Kim Jones to Dior Homme. Cannot.wait.for.the.collection. #LouisVuittonDon ?
  • fights back against being accused of selling #fakegoodz. But seriously, where can we get our “Gucciaga” sunglasses from?
  • Fashion photography legend – Bill Cunningham was keeping the receipts! After his death in 2016, his family discovered a memoir he’d been writing.?
  • OG counterfeit couturier, Dapper Dan partnered with Gucci to create an appointment only Gucci Atelier, in a Central Harlem brownstone. Now this is a #COLLAB ?


  • It’s not like we needed another reason to love Drake and Offset, but here’s one anyways. #WigGameStrong #GOAT ?
  • Money can’t buy you happiness, so why are we so fascinated with the rich? #MoMoney #NoProblems
  • Netflix’s new font could save them millions of dollars a year.
  • Paper pixels?! You’ll just have to check out this photo cloning magic trick for yourself. #shreddinit
  • This is why we can’t have nice things. Or do we just not want them? #AmericaTheCheap
  • Japanese video game pop art is all the rave and we are already obsessed.
  • No smoking, no drinking, but still turning up…peep a great read on how and why 20-somethings are living the #cleanlife.


  • Get up close and personal with the Northern Lights.
  • Google is taking over the world…or at least NY’s 15th St.
  • MoviePass has yet again dropped the price on it’s annual subscription following a bit of bad PR. Now you can watch unlimited movies for less than the price of your lunch. ?
  • Will flip phones make a comeback? Apple may be working on a foldable iPhonefor 2020.


  • We’ll soon be able to binge ride Lyft with their new Netflix-like monthly subscription plan. #LyftandChill? ?
  • Chinese citizens now have to monitor what they buy, say, and do, or travel restrictions are on their horizon.
  • Get your next cup of coffee or favorite outfit from the self-proclaimed “first gender-free store in the world.” ?
  • A woman who tweeted about United Airlines bumping her from a flight got an unexpected apology – a 10K voucher. #WinnerWinner