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#breadcrumbs, June 23th, 2017

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From the Cannes Lions awards to Milan Fashion Week, this week the internet truly went off. Peep some of our highlights from the week: Vice recounts Ninja’s banana pudding incident, Daniel Arsham on speed dial and our fear for Florida’s oranges. If you want to submit something cool and interesting, or your own piece to be featured in #Breadcrumbs email

1. We’ve got Daniel Arsham on speed dial. 1-855-923-4327.

2.How Glossier uses data to make content and commerce work.

3. Why we’re worried about the oranges in Florida.

4. Vice gets Die Antwoord’s Ninja to spill the T on the infamous Drake vs. Kanye basketball game. All we have to say are two words: banana pudding.

5. Ditch your boyfriends! The new Ken doll is out — and he’s got cornrows and a man bun!

6. The story behind pricing for Audrey Hepburn’s personal collection, going on auction in October.

7. The new set of emojis speak loud and clear about the current cultural climate we live in.

8. In an epic battle of the budget, Instagram and Snapchat try to out-do each other for the most elaborate exhibits at the Cannes Lion Awards this year. Our pick? Instagram hands down.

9. The GIF celebrated it’s 30th birthday this year! Cue the dancing baby!

10. Striking images of how things that have worn out over time.