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#Breadcrumbs: June 22nd, 2018

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From camouflage TVs and bionic limbs to fashion history, we’ve got some great links in store for you this week.

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  • Get the inside scoop and emotional response to Virgil’s first LV show. #realfriends
  • The eBay for hypebeasts: Grailed.
  • No more hoodies for Raf? Simons’ SS19 show this week in Paris shows streetwear is more than just graphics on tees.
  • Read about the criticisms Benetton is facing over their ‘migrant’ ads.
  • The jacket heard around the world, indeed. #wedocare
  • You know it’s real when PETA gives you the sign off- ASOS pledges to be 100% cruelty free by 2019.


  • Most of you NYCers can probably relate to these beautiful illustrations showing the difference between being broke and being poor.
  • …And maybe you’ll agree/disagree with this article about the death of NYC’s culture.
  • Finally, a magazine for women 40 and older. Someone say fine wine? #beautyofaging
  • Forget your Instagram selfie, we want our avatar portraits. #neopetsforever
  • Daria, everyone’s favorite cynical high schooler is making a return to MTV.


  • In the midst of chaos at our borders, concerns have started to rise at Microsoft about exactly what services they have supplied to ICE.
  • Are we in Smart House? Samsung has introduced TVs that can blend into walls.
  • You mean we’ll have to take out our own garbage? See what China’s plastic waste ban will mean for over 100 million tons of trash.
  • What’s going on with…bionic limbs that can feel pain?


  • Behind the curtain of the biggest streaming factory we know. #netflix #binge #repeat
  • In your regularly scheduled ghastly political agenda news: the Koch brothers are killing public transit projects around the nation.
  • Instagram vs. Youtube? IG announces launch of hour-long videos.
  • #horrifying – “WhatsApp child kidnappers” in India.
  • Will summer surge pricing make you pass on MoviePass?