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2018 Comin' At Ya Like…#Breadcrumbs January 5th, 2018

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We’re back!!! Happy New Year!

One week in and we’ve already got a #bombcyclone, a juicy Whitehouse Administration tell-all, the promise of total transparency in digital ad buys and Zuck pledging to solve Skynet’s problems. Welcome to 2018!

In addition, we’ve now got #Breadcrumbs in email format!

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  • Make sure to keep an eye out for these fashion moments in the new year.
  • Kanye West and Solange star in Helmut Lang’s new Exactitude campaign.
  • Gucci teams up with artist Ignasi Monreal again, this time for their ‘Utopian Fantasy’ SS18 campaign. ?
  • Ryan Seacrest sells $50mm worth of a menswear a year? No way! Yes…way.
  • We’re still mourning Phoebe Philo leaving Celine…great piece by fashion luminary Cathy Horyn here.
  • Keep up with some sweet product drops this week.



  • OKCupid steps up their game with these beautiful new ads. ?
  • Long read: Did rebellious teenage graffiti spark the Syrian War?
  • What we all haven’t been waiting for! Kim Kardashian’s new show Glam Masters has dropped its first trailer.
  • Keep an eye out for a possible Kendrick Lamar / Donald Trump face-off at the College Football Playoff National Championship.
  • The NYC subway system is an ingrained part of our heritage – read this fascinating article about its current state here.
  • Check out this out-of-this-world website design about the Voyager Golden Records. ?



  • One of ad tech’s leading firms promises ‘total transparency’ with digital ad buys. Clickety click!
  • The burn book to end all burn books c/o Michael Wolf’s Trump Administration tell-all. The tea is real. ?
  • Read up on the northeast bomb cyclone AKA #WorkFromHome by @FifthHarmony.
  • Never heard of #DeepState? Neither have we…and neither has Ellen DeGeneres.
  • Mark Zuckerberg acknowledges and pledges to solve problems within Facebook with this statement.
  • Twitter protestors call out CEO Jack Dorsey on Twitters HQ.



  • Transhumanism via MIT Lab Talks covers the search for the spirit in the machine, in other words we could be hurting Siri’s feelings. ?
  • Read about the power of RAW on the iPhone here.
  • Amazon wants to virtually dress us…meaning we don’t even have to leave the house and we’re #Here #For #It. ?
  • Bill Nye taught us science was cool and he was right- scientists have discovered how to use sound to track microbiomes. ?
  • Nissan is developing technology to assist drivers with quicker evasive maneuvers using brain wave technology that could help prevent accidents.