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#Breadcrumbs January 12th, 2018

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From Cancer-Preventing Nail Art and Weed Drinks to Eerily Intelligent Dolphins, we’ve got some great links in store for you this week.

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  • Dapper Dan and Gucci team up to open the first luxury brand store in Harlem. Check it out here. ?
  • Converse finally makes the jump from canvas shoes to new waterproof editions.
  • We are obsessed with Vivienne Westwood’s Autumn 2018 Menswear looks. ?
  • We all love pop-ups — learn about the business behind them here.
  • Get inside Ore, the jewelry brand that can tell you when you’re aligned with a meteor or when endangered elephants change their feeding spots.?



  • See how joyfully awkward it is when attendees of the Golden Globes slam the gender pay gap on the red carpet.
  • Chris von Wangenheim worked with Vogue, Playboy, and Interview- rediscover some of his evocative 70’s photography here. ?
  • We’re feeling sufficiently inadequate after reading how stellar Glossier’s Emily Weissis. ?
  • Don’t get gender-neutral pronouns? Maybe this article will shine some light.
  • Get ready to drink marijuana- see what weed startups are doing to change the cannabis game.



  • Read about the encapsulating story of the “Shitty Media Men List”. ?
  • We are devastated and disappointed in the culture of patient dumping.
  • See the opposing way news anchors are talking about Trump, immigrants and their countries.
  • Peep this study that shows that dolphins show self-recognition earlier than children.
  • Learn about the sad and slow loss of the endangered Patuá language here.
  • Facebook overhauls its News Feed by prioritizing meaningful social interactionsover business and media content. ?