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#Breadcrumbs: January 11, 2019

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We’re baaaack, it’s 2019 – a new year, and we got a new look.

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  • Balenciaga through a computer’s eyes but make it art ?
  • Running culture was synonymous with style long before Virgil Abloh took the athleisure world by storm?
  • Whether you’re in it for the pretty faces or the clothes themselves, London Fashion Week men’s has something for everyone #youbetterwork
  • Stormi Webster popped out to Nobu in Burberry and leather leggings because even babies can flex #ittybittyAF1s ?
  • We will definitely follow Angelina Jolie into battle… to bring back the tube top



  • Golden Globes highlights: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ beat ‘A Star is Born’ and people are not with it, Fiji water girl took photobombing to a new level ?Here’s a list of all the winners ?
  • Did you know Lindsay Lohan owns an island? Grab your popcorn because she’s headed back to a screen near you to show MTV her new life in the hospitality business ?
  • BIG NEWS Kendall Jenner washes her face! ?
  • NBA Twitter rolls out new features that should excite basketball and internet drama fans alike ?
  • James Blake’s first album since 2016 drops this month and the features are looking #fire?
  • What would you do to get your hands on one of these limited edition Jo Malone perfume caps? ?



  • Do you have a food allergy? Think again ?
  • 2019 is here and it brought this futuristic photoshop keyboard with it ⌨
  • Sorry, Elon, but giant earth sounds a lot more fun than Mars ?
  • Turns out AT&T’s 5G is really just 4G and lies ?
  • Insta’s update lets you post from multiple accounts simultaneously #goodbyeregram ?



  • Think VR is going to be the next big thing? Here’s how to put your money where your mouth is ?
  • As if you needed another reason to move to the big ?, healthcare for all is coming for NYC residents! ?
  • This guy stole his roommate’s winning lotto ticket ? #notcool
  • The world’s richest couple is getting divorced #moneycan’tbuylove
  • Kenyan schools are teaching children Mandarin to prepare them for the global job market ?