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#Breadcrumbs February 23rd, 2018

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From Gucci’s Severed Heads and Hands-Free Drones to Kylie Tanking Snapchat, we’ve got some great links in store for you this week.

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  • Sacha Pfeiffer of Boston Globe’s Spotlight team, is one of many that released a report of sexual misconduct from at least 25 fashion industry figures.
  • Casting call for all dragons! Gucci just got #MysticalAF on us, and we’re loving it. ?
  • Peep the unlikely and historic partnership between Daytona International Speedway and…Rolex watches?!
  • Moncler proved multiplicity is its credo by allowing eight designers to reimagine its collection. ?
  • Who made your clothes? A new report reveals the life of garment workers in India, Bangladesh and Cambodia.



  • We thought Corgis couldn’t get any cuter, but we were wrong. Check out this pup comforting a stranger at an airport. ?
  • What do almost all shooters in the US have in common? They’re men.
  • He’s been in everything from George of the Jungle to The Mummy and The Fairly OddParents – see where the 1990’s heartthrob Brendan Fraser is now.
  • How does one 20 year-old’s tweet tank Snapchat’s stock by $1.3 billion? Ask Kylie Jenner. #RedesignYourRedesign



  • How do you like your Korean BBQ – rare, medium, served by robots? Check out what this might mean for the future of automated waitstaff.
  • Devastatingly, net neutrality rules will begin to fall away this April 23. #RIPInternetFreedom for now.
  • Artificial intelligence has the power to sway elections and make hackers lethal — so should some develops be kept quiet? Check it out here. #BlackMirrorNightmare
  • As a great follow up, peep this new drone that can literally stalk you, hands-free!
  • Need to tell yourself you can get through the mundanity of daily life, or talk yourself through an existential crisis? Look no further with these affirmation apps! #Extra ?


  • Peep why Derek Walker thinks advertising doesn’t have a stomach for a fair fight when it comes to people of color. @Agencies #DiversifyYourPortfolio ?
  • How might Airbnb be driving up prices of rent? Is it disruptive or helpful? Find out here.
  • Discover the purpose of brand sites here.
  • See how Russia acted like an ad agency during the 2016 elections, spending over $1.25M a month on ads. #GetOffYourFacebook
  • We feel for those a part of the 5% that Vox recently had to lay off. Read about it here.
  • Michaels proves its marketing smarts by openly allowing #PortraitChallenge within their store locations. ?