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#Breadcrumbs: Extravaganza 2019

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From a Gucci Golden Age campaign, to noise canceling AirPods, an April Fools baby to Sweetgreen 3.0, we’ve got the top performing links from 2019. Reminisce about the past year and buckle up for a memorable 2020 #breadcrumbs

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1. Our favorite thing tohappen in fashion this year, we’re glad you liked it too
2. We love a sneaker scandal, and this Adidas one was cringe-y  ? 
3. Gucci, why is this still SO GOOD? #goldenage ?

4. We talked a lot about sustainable fashion this year; case and point these Stella McCartney socks
5. How do you shop with the environment in mind? ??


1. Our top performing #Breadcrumbs link this year with a 20% click through rate proves the people still love Humans of New York  ?
2. You also loved “VIRGIL X IKEA”, but what’s not to love about that collab
3. Classic Boomer move
4. Justin + Hailey Bieber’s baby is due in January! ?
Remember the Fyre Festival fiasco?? Here’s what JaRule’s up to now ?


1. Spent more time at Trader Joe’s in 2019 than we care to admit
Climate change was in the news, and in the arts a lot this year  ?
3. AirPods, I hate that I love you {a love letter ?}
4. This year in Facebook news ?️
5. Need to make that lunch pilgrimage to Sweetgreen 3.0 ?


1. We (don’t) Work
2. In 2020 will Airbnb break the hotel business?

3. Juul has not had a great year ?
4. Clothes hangers = the plastic straws of the fashion world  ❌
5. What will healthcare influencers be posting about in 2020? #ad #sponsored #gifted