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#Breadcrumbs: The “This Is England” Edition

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After last week’s “This is America” #breadcrumbs, we thought it was only right to give you all British links this week. From Burberry and fish and chips, to a royal wedding bus tour and #YouHadMeAtMarkle wedding fever — This is England. ??????

In addition, we’ve now got #Breadcrumbs in email format!

  1. This is Optimistic England: Where we get our hopes up way too high during World Cup Season.

  2. This is Sentimental England: Where we’ll have to start looking elsewhere to get our magazine fix.

  3. This is Sunny-For-Once England. Royal wedding fever + perfect weather = potentially lots of drunken, happy Brits.

  4. This is Bohemian Rhapsody England (well technically Scotland): Where Mr. Robot becomes Freddie Mercury and all is right in the world.

  5. This is Editorial England: Where fruit has never looked so delicious.

  6. This is Burberry’s England: Where classic never goes out of style.

  7. This is Progressive England: Where we know investing in the success of women means investing in the success of business.

  8. This is Shady England: Where Steve Bannon said Cambridge Analytica’s tech was part of an “arsenal of weapons to fight a culture war”.

  9. This is So Long, Goodbye England: Where Brexit might not happen for another 65 years. ??

  10. This is Calm, Cool, and Collected England: Where even the paparazzi can’t catch Harry and Meghan at a bad angle.

  11. This is Hopeless Romantic England: Where we know Harry and Meghan’s love was destined from the beginning. #YouHadMeAtMarkle

  12. This is Wedding Fever England: Where you can have your afternoon tea while touring the town and buy just about anything with Harry and Meghan’s faces on it.

  13. This is Meghan Markle’s England: Where everyone wishes they had a girl squad like hers.