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#Breadcrumbs December 15th, 2017

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From an Alien Comet and Excel Art to a Left-Winning Alabama, we’ve got some great links in store for you this week.

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  • Peep more of the wondrously retro family campaign from Balenciaga.
  • Can someone buy us this jacket for the holidays? Thanks. #KateSkatesInLPA.
  • Nordstrom is named the luxury retailer of the year.
  • Art Basel may be about artists and their art, but attendees showed off their affinities for art in fashion too. See it here.


  • Check out the most popular gifs of 2017.
  • This 77 year old artist can do more with MS Excel than any of your graphic designer friends.
  • Find your new visual inspo in Durimel’s beautiful Tumblr.
  • NY Time Mag’s new cover gives women the last word on power and sex in the workplace.
  • See some of our favorite animated collages with artist Karen Lynch’s Instagram.
  • We cannot wait to go to Roman and William’s new NY location.
  • We’d love to ball out on Nike’s sweet new basketball courts.


  • We finally got something this year. Reflect on the joyous win of Doug Jones for the Alabama Senate.
  • Astronomers are studying the mysterious Oumuamua, the alien comet.
  • We are hugely disappointed that the FCC has voted to repeal Net Neutrality.
  • Read yet another horrifying accusation against Harvey Weinstein, this time by Salma Hayek, here.
  • Disney obtains Fox- get all the dirty details on what they’ll be getting from the buyout here.


  • Jay-Z may have won 8 Grammy nominations, but it seems his music streaming service, Tidal, might be losing this year.
  • PepsiCo has reserved 100 of Tesla’s new electric Semi trucks, making it the largest order yet.
  • Snapchat has opened the floodgates to AR insanity- check it out here.
  • Apple acquires Shazam for an undisclosed amount of money.