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#breadcrumbs, August 25th, 2017

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From Seoul’s #CounterfeitCulture to Craig Green’s newest collaboration and Japan’s instagram kid icon, Coco, we’ve got some great links in store for you this week…In addition, we’ve now got #Breadcrumbs in email format!

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1. The hype never dies. Supreme’s FW17 collection boasts miscellaneous items no one really needs.

2. A dive into the deep sea reveals that bioluminescence in nature isn’t really all that rare. Glow up, world.

3. Stock photo companies are stepping up their watermarking game to stop all us meddling kids.

4. Cue nostalgia. This short film reminds us of what love was like for kids before cell phones.

5. Craig Green goes straight for the jugular with the release of his stunning campaign shots for the latest season and a sneak peek into his new collab with Moncler.

6. A mom somewhere in the world gives their baby an incredibly predictable name who was born during the solar eclipse.

7. Get your listening on this weekend with the best culture podcasts around. You’re welcome, culture vulture.

8. A new exhibition at The Whitney explores the art of protest.

9. Getting more light in these Trump times, The New Yorker profiles an upcoming book about the long underground history of Antifa, the collective in the background responsible for standing up against tyrants throughout history.

10. WSJ exposes “The Great Nazi Scare of 2017”.

11. So expensive that literally no one is biting. The New York Times explores how the SoHo neighborhood is becoming pretty vacant.

12. Legendary R&B icon Aaliyah gets her shine with an honorary MAC Cosmetics line. Rest in power.

13. We don’t own cars in New York City, but we can definitely carry the new chic car air freshener by Diptyque so we can ride in style on the way to our next meeting.

14. Six-year-old Japanese Instagram star Coco is reclaiming the name in a new type of fashion internet game.

15. One museum tells us what a memorial to slavery should look like.

16. Take notes from NYC’s uptown game in the 90’s, South Korea leads the world in a counterfeit culture potentially worth trillions, proving you don’t need money to buy style and swag.

17. The future is digital, and it’s being commodified and sold on the black market in Cuba.

18. All the new music hype this week has got the office bumpin’ (ew no, not the new Taylor Swift track). The ever-relevant M.I.A. drops a brand new bop for us to strut off into the weekend.