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#breadcrumbs, August 4th, 2017

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From Saint Laurent’s stiletto roller skates to San Francisco’s Color Factory Pop-Up, we’ve got some great links in store for you this week…In addition, we’ve now got #Breadcrumbs in email format!

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1. These skaters land the insanest tricks in hopes of creating awesome 3D-printed sculptures from their motion maps.

2. TDE stand-out SZA, slays again wielding the power at her fingertips in “Supermodel”.

3. If you can afford to drop $2K and foot a hospital bill, these Saint Laurent stiletto roller skates are for you.

4. This ‘color pop’ Pop-Up brings total epicness to San Francisco.

5. Welcome to the golden age of bailing. #NoNewFriends

6. Unilever pranks influencers with “new” hair care brand Evaus (aka Suave).

7. Instagram’s obsession with timepieces boosts the watch market like never before.

8. How to deal with Ennui in Trump’s America.

9. Here’s the lowdown on unusual baby names. Atticus anyone?

10. Drake cruises through a Toronto Mall (crew, Escalade, and all) to promote his new OVO store in “Gyalchester“.

11. Got a library card? Well, now you can stream thousands of Feature Films for free. You’re welcome.