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#Breadcrumbs: April 6th, 2018

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From a shiny balls trend and an elevator music themed “fragrance collab,” to talkin’ dirty in NYC, we’ve got some great links in store for you this week.

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  • No one could’ve seen this one coming – say goodbye to Polyvore and hello to even more SSENSE. We’re dying to know the strategy on this one… ?

  • Who will be the first to give us more shades of SPF-infused foundation? We’re looking at you Fenty!

  • Fashion list you never knew you needed: The Best Ugly Sneakers of 2018.

  • Text sells. Read the history of, and why, we wear words.

  • “On Repeat” OFF White X Byredo fragrance collab –  Elevator Music?

  • North Face is “Moving Mountains” by sharing stories of female adventurers.


  • Peeps in Japan are polishing foil balls into shiny orbs.

  • This campaign will seduce you into keeping NYC clean with their dirty talk?

  • If you’re anywhere near Boston, this exhibition exploring the internet’s effect on art is a must see. ?

  • Street photographer Louis Mendes one-ups the #selfiestick by photographing the true essence of NYC dwellers with his vintage instant film camera. ?

  • Matt Nelson gets a 12/10 for being the #dogfather of this generation. ?

  • …we’ll just leave this here. #yourewelcome ?

  • Who needs Tinder? Just ask Yocheved Lerner-Miller to help you find your matchmade in heaven.


  • After watching this Dope Tech video on robot cameras, our only question is – when will it be available on Amazon? ?

  • Climate change is real, and the birds and the bees aren’t taking it lightly.

  • Carlo Ratti gives us the 21st century version of graffiti with his robot that will draw on any vertical surface.

  • This device proves that silent thoughts can speak louder than words. #mindovermatter

  • Technology strikes again – Google employees are protesting the company’s participation in Project Maven, hoping to prevent Google involvement in the business of war.


  • No matter which way you’re politically inclined – you’ve gotta admit the amount of control Sinclair has over local news stations in the US is pretty terrifying.

  • Refinery29  – pushing the boundaries between advertising and journalism.

  • RIP to RFIs? Clients are looking to cut the agency search in half by developing personal relationships with a team.

  • We’ve lost all faith in love after finding out our favorite couple is separating.